Topic: [Event] Fight Night on tuesday! - 1

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016
Starts at 6:00PM Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
The event may take some time to get set up and going. Please make sure you have ample time to participate and spectate. The event could last 1 to 2 hours.

In the CHB Guild Hall Arena.
This means you will be using PvE gear. (If you prefer the structure of sPvP, you probably won't enjoy this much.)

How do I enter?
First, you must own Heart of Thorns, as you will need to be able to make use of the guild hall arena, a HoT-only feature.
Second, either reply here in this thread or whisper/mail me in the game (Semperverus.3769 or just Semperverus), letting me know if you're in and the name of the character you'll be using. I will send you an invite and change your rank to "PvP participant." then you just show up at the set time and fight.

A prize of 30 gold and a random assortment of foods is waiting in the CHB guild bank. Special rank permissions are set aside so that the winner and only the winner will be given access to the guild stash upon winning.

You are, however, free to add more to the gold and items pool to spice things up.

The fight will be a 1v1 single-elimination bracket, with each match being 3 rounds in length. Best 2 of 3 moves on.

As the host, I will personally not be participating. Instead, I will be using my commander tag to manage the pool of participants. Anyone participating will need to join the squad.


  • Once the tournament begins, you may not switch characters halfway through. Names will be taken down, and only names on the list of characters in the tournament will be permitted. If you choose to try to use a different character, you will be disqualified. If you switch back soon enough, you will be permitted to continue, assuming your matchup partner is fine with it.

  • Your opponent is only considered defeated once you have stomped them. If they are in a downed state, they are not dead, and you have not won.

  • While it's okay to be salty, do not verbally aggress on another participant. Let's all be nice and have some fun. You'll receive one warning, and if it happens again, you'll be disqualified.

  • Since we are using a squad to coordinate this, do not move yourself. I will move you around to the groups in the squad where I need you for this to work. You'll receive one warning, and if it happens again, you'll be disqualified.

Final notes
We're aiming to have a fun time here. This isn't meant to be something super serious like sPvP leagues and the like. Drop in, fight some peeps, laugh, and maybe walk away with some gold!

Additionally, I will be recording and streaming the event, and uploading it to YouTube. I also have a Mumble voice chat server available, so if you want to be heard on the stream or recording, ask for the password in-game.

We hope you enjoy yourself during the match.

Please make a reply to this thread if you would like to participate! It would help me out greatly in organizing things. Leave the name of the character you'd like to participate with.

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