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If you've read on the main page of this website, CHB literally just stands for "CHB". It's a name I came up with when I was, probably, 14, and it's kinda like how XKCD stands for XKCD. Though, it has a bit more of an origin than that. The Combine, an enemy body from Half-Life 2, had a logo and insignia that looked like this. The letters, as you can see, look like "CHB", when in fact they read "CMB". So, in a way, CHB stands for "Shitty Combine", (I was going for Combine Elite at the time).

Ever since then, CHB has been used for any sort of group activity I am in charge of. My guilds, my website, my wireless router and chromecast name even.

This puts the effective starting date of CHB in 2004.

We're a fairly lazy guild, though we like to do all the content for the most part. Crux of Atlas (Moonranger here on the forums) is the go-to person for serious WvW, I'm more of a dungeoneer and PvE kinda guy, though I love Edge of the Mists when we get a really good K-train going on (and subsequently push into and destroy another zerg and take their keep!)
So, we're sort of a "we do everything but we're kind of like 'whatever' about all of it" guild. We like socializing mostly.

There are no real overt rules in the guild, but a few basic ones to follow include:

  1. Be kind to your fellow guildmates. You don't necessarily have to help, but don't make them feel harassed. Friendly banter is completely acceptable though, so if you both are having a laugh and taking the piss out of eachother, that's great!

  2. Inversely to rule 1, don't censor eachother. Swearing is accepted. We're all adults here.

  3. Don't break any of ArenaNet's rules that would likely get us all into trouble. ESPECIALLY exploiting bugs. They are rather unfair about how they treat people who even accidentally exploit bugs that crop up.

  4. Try to play at least a little bit, and keep in touch with everyone. It's okay to take long breaks from the game, but at least post here every once in a blue moon or something to let us all know you're alive and well.

  5. Please don't beg for positions in the guild. We'll give them to you as we feel you either earn it or we need you to fill that role. One notable exception is below.


  • Semperverus (That's me!) - Guild Owner

  • Vein (He goes by a lot of names, he's my brother) - Guild Owner

  • Swiftmask (My wife!) - Officer

  • Crux of Atlas/Moonranger - Officer

  • Jolon Nightshade - Officer

If you ever need anything, have any questions, or want a friend invited, let us know. The instant Arenanet splits the "Manage lower-ranked users" permission into the three things it actually is (Invite/Kick/Change Rank), we will allow everyone to invite their friends, no questions asked.

The general hierarchy of the guild ranks is pretty simple, and it goes like this:

  • Administrative ranks - Grand Pubah/Pubah = Leader/Officer

  • Normal user ranks - Alumni/Honored Member/Member/New  Member

  • Non-representing (reserved for people who simply don't participate in the guild. We try not to kick people out.)

If you plan on representing the guild in WvW or doing guild challenges a lot, please let an administrative user know so we can put you in charge of deploying guild buffs. If you're fairly new, you might not get the position right away. If that's the case, don't worry! Just get to know us a little better and show that you're a cool person, and then when that happens ask again. It's mostly just a trust thing.

Anyway, that's about it! Please enjoy one anothers' company, and feel free to ask questions or share concerns here in this thread.

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