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This friday night (1/22/2016) at 10PM Pacific Time (-8GMT), the CHB guild will be hosting a fight club in the PVP arena. This time is flexible though, but only for later times. Earlier times will not be possible.

To enter:
Join the guild and, after 3 days of waiting for the Arenanet-imposed deposit block is lifted for joining a new guild, deposit 1 gold into the Guild Stash (labeled at the top for PvP) using the character you wish to participate with. You may deposit more to up the ante if you wish, but only the first gold is necessary to enter. You can even dump in items if you wish, but again they do not count towards the 1 gold entry fee. If you would like to see other participants, you can view the log in the guild bank on the second tab.

The winner will take all.

There are two specific guild permissions to manage this. The "PvP Participant" rank, and the "PvP Winner" rank. They are very limited ranks, specifically made for this match to control the winner's earnings.

The structure:
The tournament is going to be a single-elimination, single-sided bracket. This is for the sake of simplicity and time. You can pick your starting fight partner if you like, but otherwise will be sorted into random groups.

Upon the start of the event, everyone will join my squad. This will be for management and to view HP. Each person will be paired with another in a second group so the spectators can watch health, and losers will be put into a third "eliminated" group".


  • You must have guild chat enabled. This is a bulk of what we will be using to communicate with you. Enable secondary guild chat in your chat tab if you haven't.

  • The character that you deposited the gold with in the bank is the character that you must use. No swapping out in the middle of the tournament for a better character.

  • After matches have begun, if you are not present, you will be eliminated. We will attempt to gather everyone first, but if the wait time becomes too long (10 minutes or so past what everyone present is comfortable with), you will be disqualified.

  • Don't move yourself around inside the squad after matches begin. Will result in a warn on the first offense and an elimination on the second.

  • Your opponent isn't dead until the only way they can get up is to use a waypoint (by way of finishers or draining their health completely). Downed is not dead. You will not be considered victorious until that happens.

  • While swearing is allowed and your salty tears are welcome, do not get overtly aggressive towards another player. This is all for fun, and it doesn't cost much to get in. No racial/bigoted slurs meant to attack people or similar comments (things like "my nigga!" aren't aggressive, so will be allowed). Will result in an immediate elimination, and potential reports to Arenanet staff.

  • Do not harass or heckle the winner. They won, fair and square. Will result in encouragement of blocks by the participants, a ban from future events, and potential reports to the Arenanet staff.

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Re: [Event] Fight Club - 2


  • None so far

Note: As the host, I will not be participating.

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Re: [Event] Fight Club - 3

Closing this thread, the event was unsuccessful.

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