Topic: Choosing a Guild Hall - 1

Alright, so we are going to be getting set up to claim one of the two guild halls as our home! I would like for you all to do some research into each of the halls and then cast a vote. You may change your vote at a later point, but we won't be taking any changes once the poll is closed.

As a general summary, the halls can be described simply as follows:

Gilded Hollow:

  • Cavern setting.

  • Golden city theme.

  • Large, flat areas. Good for large decorations and custom Jump Puzzles.

  • Somewhat condensed and tight-knit, cleaner.

Lost Precipice

  • Open setting.

  • Crumbling city theme.

  • More built around gliding and movement.

  • Has areas built around players claiming their own areas as "home" (not an officially supported feature, but a nod to role players). Good for use with the decoration system.

Here is some suggested reading

Hoping to hear from all of you soon. Feel free to voice comments and concerns below.

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Re: Choosing a Guild Hall - 2

Alright, so it didn't seem like anyone was voting anymore, so I decided to close the vote. We have successfully claimed Gilded Hollow!

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