Topic: Crafting Kudzu - 1

I am working on crafting Kudzu. Here is some information if you want to help me.


Gift of Mastery
Bloodstone Shard: 36/200 Spirit Shards
Obsidian Shard: 131/250
Gift of Exploration: 82/100%
Gift of Battle: 1/1

Gift of Fortune
Globs of Ectoplasm: 87/250
Mystic Clovers: 77/77
Gift of Magic:
      Vials of Powerful Blood: 216/250
      Powerful Venom Sacs: 200/250
      Elaborate Totems: 226/250
      Piles of Crystalline Dust: 195/250
Gift of Might:
      Vicious Fangs: 250/250
      Armored Scales: 226/250
      Vicious Claws: 172/250
      Ancient Bones: 194/250

Gift of Kudzu

Leaf of Kudzu
      Gold: 730/~850

Wiki (Image below)

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Re: Crafting Kudzu - 2

Still need : 231 vials of powerfull blood
238 powerful venom sacs
231 elabborate totems
228 crystaline dust
208 vicious fangs
233 armored scales
228 Vicous claws
223 Ancient bones

Hard, ancient and seasond logs.

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